Monika Hiller, BSc.

Monika Hiller was a Ph.D. student in the DMD Genetic Therapy Group since November 2011. She started working  in the group as Research Technician to validate serum biomarkers for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other muscle diseases to monitor disease progression in patients. She was also involved in mouse studies to develop antisense-mediated exon skipping therapies for DMD.

In September 2014, Monika started her Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. A. Aartsma-Rus and Dr. P. Spitali to elucidate mRNA-protein complexes to facilitate therapeutic approaches for DMD. The project involved work in cultured cell and animal models to study the stability of dystrophin transcripts. mRNA-protein interaction studies are examined with technologies such as mass spectrometry, RNA-Seq and imaging techniques.

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